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Jaw Surgery Survival

£39.99 £29.99

What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery!

Patient’s Liquid Diet Recipe Book

10 Myths About Braces 

Patient’s Guide to Retainers

Patients Guide to Facial Pain Diagnosis 

Patient’s Guide to Acupuncture

Patient’s Guide to Cupping

PLUS BRAND NEW – Patient’s Guide to Swelling




This Pack Includes:

“What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery!” The most valuable book you will ever need in your jaw surgery journey!

Patient’s Liquid Diet Recipe Book – 42 of my personal recipes

10 Myths About Braces – put your mind at ease with this great little booklet that dispels all the worries you have about braces.

Patient’s Guide to Retainers – this booklet lists with pictures, all of the different types of retainers out there and shows you how to maintain them through proper care and cleaning.

Patients Guide to Facial Pain Diagnosis – be prepared and understand what type of facial pain you are experiencing.

Patient’s Guide to Acupuncture – a detailed review of one natural way to combat pain and swelling post-surgery.

Patient’s Guide to Cupping – a cool like booklet listing the benefits and drawbacks of using cupping as a natural pain therapy.

PLUS BRAND NEW – Patient’s Guide to Swelling, my ultimate guide to decreasing swelling fast!


This Pack Also Includes:

How to cope with braces help sheet

A list of simple soft food diet ideas

Detailed Pre-Op Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

A List of Essentials For After Your Surgery

Your Hospital Check List – For The Big Day!

Access to my online community, which includes world renowned surgeons and other jaw surgery patients, just like you and I

FREE Subscription to Jaw & Face Newsletters and Research Projects

As a valued customer I will also continue to update and forward on to you all new editions of these eBooklets when they come to market.



Buy Now Orthognathic Surgery Jaw Surgery Survival Pack Orthognathic

“What They Don’t Tell You about Orthognathic Jaw Surgery”

I Went From Being A Nobody, In Pain, No Sleep, Feeling Horrible… To 1.7 MILLION READERS  and Partnerships with Top Jaw Surgeons… Now, You Can Get All The Secrets In Your Brand New 2014 Jaw Surgery Survival Pack!


From the Desk of: Stefanie Grant  Stefanie Grant Jaw Surgery Orthognathic Surgery


Dear Friend,


Let me start with a promise to you…


Read every single word of this page, and I personally guarantee that you’ll NEVER feel unsure or confused about your Jaw Surgery again!


Because if you’ve had, or are about to have jaw surgery, then you’ve probably had one of these three common experiences…


#1: (This is the most common) You sit there, staring at a blank screen, looking for answers to come down and strike you like a bolt of lightning – but they never do!


#2: You feel so nervous about the discomfort you’re feeling – in fact – you know something is not right – but for some reason it’s impossible to communicate that to your surgeon or your family…


#3: You go to bed and think positive thoughts, but for some reason after a few days the anxiety is still there!




Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just BREAK into the minds of Europe’s £500’000 a year top surgeons who perform this routine daily??? And get right to the answers that put your mind at ease and bring you into 100% health and beyond?


That would be so nice wouldn’t it?


Because then you’d have totally unshakable confidence in your self-development and wellbeing. And for the first time ever you would really know what to expect from your surgery.


Imagine that!


You could happily go about your daily routine, knowing that you now have the key ingredients to cut your recovery time in half, KNOWING that you can finally get excited about recovery, and (most importantly) KNOWING that you’ve heard it all from the horse’s mouth!


And instead of spending days on end trying to search for tips and tricks to reduce the pain and swelling, and get some decent sleep, you could apply some techniques, and nod of like a new-born baby, in under an hour!




Here’s How You Can “STEAL” 2 Years of My Shortcuts, Research, Surgeon Friends on The Inside, And Put It All To Work For You…


I spent most of last week talking on Skype with my subscribers, asking each of them how I could best support them in their journey to get through jaw surgery…


I gave them 4 options:

Option 1: “I’d like to ask your surgeon a bunch of questions”

Option 2: “I’d like an hour of your time to talk about my operation”

Option 3: “I’d like to learn about how to speed up my recovery”

Option 4: “I’d like to get my hands on your Personal Diary and Journals and read about what you did to recover!”


Now, I’d expected that most people would select option 1 (to be honest, between you and me that was the reason for my email!)


But it turned out that OVER HALF of my subscribers who responded wanted to get my diary!


Before this email I’d never even considered letting people have my personal diary and notes – but there were so many people asking for them, I figured it would be a great way to share my experiences!




I decided this week to give just 20 people the opportunity to get their hands on my most intimate asset…


My Personal Diary and Recovery Notes


These files are a combination of my very best tips – 2 years of blood, sweat, pain, insomnia and tears. The *most awesome* experience I’ve ever been through, despite the pain. If I could go through surgery again, knowing what I know now, I guarantee that I’d take 75% off my recovery time.


Here’s just a few of the pieces I’ve included in the 2014 Jaw Surgery Survival Pack:



• My guide “What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery” – The first booklet of its kind. Within this booklet I address the questions on every jaw surgery patient’s mind, like; what if I don’t like the new me and why is my hair falling out? Many orthodontists have contacted me about developing this to sell on


• The recipe book I created, because I couldn’t eat proper food for over 3 months. I was sick and tired of having no flavour and variety, so I formulated 42 super tasty vitamin crammed liquid meals!


• “10 Myths About Braces”, a short and concise summary of the truths I managed to squeeze out of my surgeon friend one day over dinner.


• “Patient’s Guide to Retainers”, this booklet lists with pictures, all of the different types of retainers out there and shows you how to maintain them through proper care and cleaning.


• There’s nothing scarier than feeling pain and not knowing its origin. If you are feeling pain, this will give you the answers and point you in the right direction. Learn from my lessons and save yourself the worry! This guide is called “Patients Guide to Facial Pain Diagnosis”


• “Patient’s Guide to Acupuncture”. A detailed review of one natural way to combat pain and swelling post-surgery. It doesn’t cost much and some people feel the benefits straight away. This cool little guide will stop you from making my mistakes and show you exactly what you need to do.


• “Patient’s Guide to Cupping” Cupping is a therapy used by thousands to stop pain and inflammation. Again, another cool little book which gets straight to the point, and believe me when you are out of surgery you are going to want to get straight to the point.


• And one of the most important pieces of work “Patient’s Guide to Reducing Swelling”. Learn how to reduce swelling fast post surgery.


By the way, I need to get something important off my chest…


I’m a total sceptic.

I always come across these so-called “health experts” throwing ideas around, and I sometimes wonder if they really know what it’s like to go through jaw surgery and if they really want to help me?

So it’s alright if you’re a little bit sceptical – I am too!

But I’m going to be completely transparent with you – because I think you deserve to know all the facts before you decide whether or not to invest in me and my product.

This is the truth behind the fancy booklets and guides…

I came up with all of the content on this page, but some of it was adapted by my friend Peter. There’s a very good reason for it.

Writing about a lot of my journey tends to be emotional. Jaw surgery was and still is a big part of my life, as a woman of the world it is life changing to have your face changed so drastically. I wanted to give all of this information away for free, but saner heads prevailed and I decided that in order to continue to run Jaw & Face I would have to be able to pay for the website and research we conduct… So why not sell the booklets, help others and continue to work on Jaw & Face?


What I will say is I can genuinely back up the things I’ve told you about, with rock-solid proof, like this:

JulieL Jaw Surgery Survival Kit ReviewHi Stefanie I downloaded your ebooks.  You did an outstanding job.  By far the most detailed, comprehensive, and well organized text I have seen.  I had the surgery four years ago.  Wished I had your books when I was preparing for the surgery.  It is hard to believe that 4 years have gone by (9-21-09 Stanford Univ Hospital, Palo Alto, California).  Had a challenging recovery, but eventually came through the ordeal. You look stunning, Stefanie.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Best wishes with your philanthropic endeavors in this area. Take care, Julie, San Francisco, California


Oh, and you’ll also get access to some other cool bits:

Quick and Easy Soft Food Diet Ideas

Plus: My Surgeon Friends Who Follow Me On Twitter

Plus: How to cope with braces help sheet

And: Detailed Pre-Op Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

And: List of Essentials For After Jaw Surgery

And the optional extra: Coaching Via Skype

And: Your Hospital Check List – For The Big Day!

And: FREE Subscription to Jaw & Face Newsletters and Research Projects

… And pretty much anything else I discover in the future in the field of Orthognathic Surgery!



Access to my online community that I have created over the past 2 years, thanks to Facebook and an expensive phone bill!

Access to my Facebook Page (600+ Jaw Patients)

Access to my Twitter community, full of hundreds of my jaw surgery friends, people just like you and me.


By the way, there’s something important you should know…


Each one of these files has been created by me, and personally approved by my surgeon.


This is not some group of products I’ve “licensed” – this is my own personal story and Jaw Surgery journey that I’ve spent 2 years creating, and I refer to every single time anybody is referred to me about their surgery.


So you might be asking yourself…


WHY am I limiting this offer to just 80 people?


Well, it’s quite simple really…


Because I’m a little worried that if hundreds of people start reading through the material, and pouring into our little community, the internet might become saturated with people exploiting ‘jaw surgery’ keywords to make money on the internet…


Apart from these 80 – the only people who have previously had access to these guides are people who have come to me directly through my blog with their own worries and anxiety. (And my family, of course :-))


Now you can use all of this info as a shortcut to good health, unlike what I did at the beginning, spending £5200+ on products I thought would take away the pain. The good news is you don’t have to pay £5200!


In fact, you won’t even have to pay less than 1% of that!


Because I really do realise one thing: the kinds of people who are going to benefit most from having this stuff might not have £1000’s of pounds just lying around – if they did then they would fly first class to the surgeons themselves.


So I decided to make this super-affordable and fair for you and set the price at just £29.99 (approx. £36).


I think that’s a good offer when you consider that some authors sell a single book on Amazon filled with complicated ‘technical filler’ for over £800!


Buy Now Jaw Surgery Survival Pack Orthognathic


Click here to get your Survival Pack NOW!


Copyright© 2016 Jaw and Face. All Rights Reserved.

Remember, I absolutely hate spam just as much as you do, so I’ll never sell or rent your email to anyone.



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