Hi my name is Stefanie. I am currently creating  this website in the hope of sharing my experiences and to help others who may be going through issues relating to facial pain, facial deformity, TMJ disorder and jaw/orthognathic surgery.

Jaw & Face is a facial pain and jaw surgery website, specializing in maxillofacial/ orthognathic surgery, orthodontics / braces, TMJ disorder and various other chronic face pain disorders. Jaw & Face offers information on alternative pain management therapies and supports people who are suffering from various issues relating to chronic pain and jaw surgery.


Issues covered include; depression, low mood, confidence issues, bullying, trouble relaxing, sleep problems and insomnia. The main aim of this site is to provide people with the resources they need in order to be able to cope with chronic facial pain and recovery from face or jaw surgeries.


While this site is under construction you may also like to visit my blog on