Reactions soon after Surgery

As soon as my auntie saw me she told me the difference it had made to my face and it was incredible. She said once the swelling and pain was less I was going to be so pleased with the result. My boyfriend could see the difference but he was a little shocked by my physical state and the amount of pain I was in. Mum had not slept for over 3 days and was delusional by this stage and running on autopilot bless her. I was so lucky to have her with me. I know a few people have been through this operation on your own and I must take my hat off to you for being so brave and strong through that period. As my swelling has decreased over the past year people have got used to the new me and have noticed the difference in my facial shape. To me I did not really appreciate the difference the surgery has made to me until recently when I created an Instagram before and after photo. Before that, all I could see I was slightly fuller faced but still had a really long and asymmetrical face. However, now I think I can truly appreciate the work Mr Matthews did on correcting my bite and asymmetry.


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