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Orthognathic Surgery Booklet




Are you an orthognathic surgery patient? Are you worried about your surgery and recovery? Are your surgical team very vague and not willing to answer some of your questions and concerns?

Then this book is for you!


“What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery!” The most valuable book you will ever need in your jaw surgery journey!


 2 years ago I was in the same position myself. I was terrified. As I progressed through my treatment I felt more unprepared and alone. If being a 22 year old with braces was not bad enough, my face was severely deformed, I trouble eating and talking and I suffered with terrible face pain. I went into the surgery blind with hardly any information.


After my surgery I woke up in complete agony and could not move from my shoulders upwards. What had I let myself in for? Throughout my extensive recovery I encountered many problems. I became disheartened. I cried a lot. I regretted ever undergoing treatment. I hated the pain, I hated being unable to eat and I hated my new face. It looked weird and everything was out of proportion.   I searched the internet for days at a time, panicked and in pursuit of answers. I would spend all night trying to find people to talk to me and scanning through all of the online forums and blogs. But this still wasn’t enough.


My surgical team brushed my concerns aside. My jaws were stable and that was all that they cared about. I was not able to sleep, I was losing hair, my neck was stiff and I couldn’t open my jaw to speak or drink from a cup. My mum was feeding me like a baby and even helping me to wash myself. It was demeaning.


After I started to recover I decided to start a blog site and write about my experiences. It was then I realised that we are all in the same position and everybody has the same worries and concerns about this surgery. I wanted to help, so I decided to set up this website and create a guide to help other orthognathic surgery patients. If I had known what I know now, my recovery would not have been as hard or as long.


So here it is: “What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery”


After a year of research and recovery, I finally compiled all my notes together. Within this booklet I address the questions on every jaw surgery patient’s mind like; what if I don’t like the new me, when can I realistically return to work or school and why is my hair falling out? All these questions and many more are answered in this comprehensive and exclusive booklet.


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