The Night before Orthognathic Surgery

By around 1:30am I was in a state and laying in my bed next to my sleeping boyfriend. He had offered to drop us to the hospital for 6 o’clock. Mum was in her room next door wide awake as well. She knew how weak my body and mind had become and she knew that I was near to giving up. She was as worried as I was, about this operation and knew that it could have a really positive or negative outcome. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me something bad was going to happen and it would not be all plain sailing. But I did not want to scare anyone around me. I lay in bed until around 3am thinking, before I managed to slip off to sleep for an hour. I wish I had not slept, I felt so rough and cold when I woke up to travel to the hospital. So here we are…… this is the day :-$

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