Before and After Orthognathic Surgery Images

Just uploaded lots of new photos from my journey on Facebook :
Really emotional looking through these and reliving the pain. But I hope this will help some people who are having a tough time… things will get better and stay strong 🙂

Some more images from my surgery

Image 1 Before and After

before and after orthognathic surgery jaw surgery oral surgery corrective jaw surgery underbite maxillofacial surgery surgery cost stefanie grant













Image 2 Swelling

recovery after jaw surgery swelling pain bruising













Image 3 Geographic/ Marked Tongue

geographic tongue braces jaw surgery orthognathic oral surgery operation













Image 4 X-RAY

plates and screws orthognathic jaw surgery titanium plates and screws maxillofacial broken jaw xray










Image 5 After Recovery

post orthognathic surgery

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